July 23, 2015

Live News

Mississauga Lasso guard sweep to Armbar

Mississauga BJJ Lasso guard sweep to Armbar

From lasso guard to the sweep, finalizing with an armbar ...
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Just a purple belt

The face you make when they say : you are just a purple belt? My 13 year old daughter is ...
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Striking Fundamentals Class

Great Striking Class with the team ! ...
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Kids Promotion

Congrats to Rayan, Cole and Amy on their new stripe ! We started the kids program in September 2016 with ...
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Brand New blue belts at BJJ Ontario

Congrats to everyone ! Keep working hard and showing up to class ! I can't stress enough the fact that ...
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Grappling Industries Toronto Jan 14

Four Warrior represented the team at the annual Grappling Industries in Toronto on the 14th Of January 2017 at Ryerson ...
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Boxing Fundamentals

Great class today with the boys, we covered Footwork and weight transfers, also discussed the bio mechanics behind delivering punches ...
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Athletic Yoga

Improve your mobility with Athletic Yoga ; Coach Gagan runs the show every Monday and Wednesday at 6PM ...
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