Great BJJ fundamentals class

  Great class tonight ! Good people = good vibe ; we are all about cultivating a good atmosphere while training hard. OSS !

Yoga For athletes at BJJ Mississauga

We are thrilled to introduce this new program at BJJ Mississauga : Yoga for Athletes. Led by Coach Gagan ; this program takes yoga to another level and adapts it for fighters and athletes.

Yonni West

Hilary Elson

Brian Sakamoto

Jonathan Mark

Jonathan started BJJ 2 years ago with no Martial Art Experience whatsoever , his work ethic and consistency has made the most decorated students in the team in local and international  competitions.

Jonathan gets 2 medals at grappling industries NYC 

Jonathan has worked his butt off for the last 2 years as white belt, he failed to place in his first 2 competitions but ended up to be on of the most dominant bjj player in his weight  division in … Read More

Koji Seminar for the 2016 Summer Belt Promotions

It was an honor to have Koji Morikami at BJJ Ontario for this 2016 belt promotions. Koji showed us amazing techniques from guard passing to leg locks translations ibjjf legal.