July 24, 2015



Torreando guard pass

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu torreando guard pass allows you to pass the guard quickly and surprise your opponent ...
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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Armbar drill Mississauga

Turn your legs into your arms, by drilling armbars without the use of your hands. Increase your legs dexterity and ...
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Rolling Kimura to armbar

Rolling moves are considered by many as fancy and inefficient but in most cases this type of motion will allow ...
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Transitional side mount Motion Drill

By drilling this movement, you are able to sharpen your reaction time to quick changes and improve your timing. The ...
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From sprawl to the back transition

This is an amazing wrestling move that capitalizes on timing . While he shoots , surprise him with this move ...
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BJJ Drills – Omoplata

This Drill is a basic move to help you improve the legs swing motion that is the basis to many ...
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Sneaky Armbar

Cease the moment, it is all about timing , turn your opponent's a single leg attack into a smooth armbar ...
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