Mixed Martial Arts


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MMA Explained

Combining the strength of Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the mma program is designed to turn anyone into a complete fighter regardless of your Martial Art background.By practicing different fighting disciplines, your body is subject to develop a practical and smart muscle as well as enabling you to get a complete workout.In relaxed atmosphere this program helps you improve your conditioning , your transitions in between styles and most importantly , it brightens your day with tons of fun !

What to expect

The class start with a warm up , 1 round of rope skipping and then followed by stretching.We then cover techniques from different styles such as wrestling , boxing , muay thai and BJJ most importantly, we link these different styles to build a flawless fighting style. we complete the class with pad work focusing on drill specific to MMA.

Physical aspect

MMA Basic drills for beginners : Have fun practicing the basic mixed martial arts combos.

Technical aspect

In this video, we demonstrate the art of transitionning between style from wrestling > muay thai > brazilian jiu-jitsu